D E C A D E exhibition




D E C A D E  exhibition starts in Prague this August!!


Nikon Photo Gallery

Újezd 19, 110 00 Malá Strana, Hlavní Město Praha, Czech Republic

- 23/ 08/ 2018 - 30/ 9/ 2018 -
- 12:00 - 19:00 (every Monday closed)

- free entrance -

The exhibition Decade looks back at the last ten years of Jan Kasl’s work and his biggest passion: action sports photography.

"In my work I try to define the fast age we live in, where the lifespan of photography is measured in minutes and we calculate when to release the images so they have the wides reach before they get lost in the flood of other postings. It would be wonderful to create a content which people would return to, that would inspire them, take their breath away and tempt them to go out.

I am glad that through this exhibition I can share my ten-year journey with others. 

Drop me a message, if you wanted to go through the exhibition with me."




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